Partners in Passion: Conserva Irrigation and Toro®

While you may think that water conservation and an irrigation system company would be on opposite sides of the spectrum, you couldn’t be further from the truth. At Conserva Irrigation of Charlotte, our goal is to provide water-efficient sprinkler systems and to repair existing sprinkler systems using smart irrigation technology. Ultimately, our search for the best-of-the-best in the most innovative, water-efficient irrigation technology led us to partner with Toro®.

Industry Leaders in Innovation

As the world leader in innovative irrigation technology, partnering with Toro® was an easy decision. In fact, they have spent over half a century honing and perfecting the sprinkler system industry. What is all this innovative technology we’re referring to? Toro® has a multitude of smart irrigation products that are designed for the conservation of water. They created equipment such as the Toro EVOLUTION® Smart Controller, the ET® Weather Sensor and the Precision™ Soil Sensor. Each one of these items is revolutionary in the irrigation industry. Toro’s level of sophistication in the irrigation industry is something that’s commonly only found within the commercial sector. However, at Conserva Irrigation of Charlotte, we use Toro products 100% of the time. It’s worth noting, we’ll retrofit any existing sprinkler system with the latest in innovative, water-efficient Toro technology.

Water Conservation Made Easy!

While you may think it difficult to play a role in water conservation, Toro® makes it easier than ever with smart irrigation technology. The EVOLUTION® Smart Controller we referred to earlier, actually uses 40 years of stored weather data that’s specific to your exact location. With such a large pool of data, for your exact location, it’s quite simple to create the perfect watering schedule for your particular landscape. While a few tiny customizations may need to be made, the EVOLUTION® is truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to residential irrigation system technology.

Partners in Both Innovation and Care

If your sprinkler system is leaking, suffering from broken heads, isn’t equipped with a rain or weather sensor and you have no clue how to correctly program your system’s controller, you’re undoubtedly wasting thousands of gallons of water each year. This wasted water isn’t only impacting your wallet, in terms of your monthly water bill, but it’s also a small environmental catastrophe every time that system is powered on. It’s our goal to bring smart irrigation technology to each and every customer that needs it, whether they’re aware of their system’s inefficiencies or not. This is precisely why we offer a 100% free sprinkler system evaluation/inspection. It will not only uncover areas that need immediate repair, but it will also show you how inefficient your existing system is and what we can do to rectify it.

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